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What’s Free?

What support do you get from the WordPress community?

If you have a need you can very quickly find a solution by searching Bing or Google. The WordPress support out there is amazing.

What about the WordPress template ?

Word Press provides a number of free templates or themes that can provide a starting point for your site. The are numerous ones you can purchase for a small fee. The layout needs changes usually along with the images. Below you can find some of the Word Press themes that are available. There are thousands more to be found on the web. We can help you choose which WordPress o themes are suitable for your business.

And it’s free!

We are not going to hide the fact that you can get wordpress hosting free, albeit sometimes with third party advertising appearing on your site. We obviously recommend our hosting (just £30) as it include fast performance, full website visit stats, emails accounts and someone at the end of a UK phone that can sort out problems.”

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