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So what do you address other than just using WordPress?

WordPress Search Engine Optimisation – Google/Bing ranking.

We don’t add this on the end as an after thought. All courses have this important aspect built in to the bedrock. Learn what to avoid. Learn how to be number one in the rankings.

Not just a pretty, pretty WordPress website – but pretty useless too

  • Science, marketing and the artistic ability in website development ? Well yes, good looking is excellent, but how often do you see a webpage that looks good, but fails to deliver anything useful efficiently? Add to that fault, can you actually find it to begin with? Website developers must be creative, technical orientated and understand how to use pages as a marketing tool to produce a site that is fit for the purpose.
  • Pause and think too about download speeds? Use of CSS for ease of maintenance?.
  • A sure sign of naive development is exposure to email address harvesting bots who will soon spam the site mercilessly

WordPress browser and screen resolution problems

How often have you seen a site and thought “why on earth have they published this? it’s a mess.” The obvious reason is lack of testing with different screen sizes and browsers.