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Newbie Training

Check out the tutorials below for an idea of what you cover in the course.

Live Skype support – why get stuck for hours on something learning on your own?

If you are interested in doing this tutorial, with live, personal, Skype support as you do it, then give me  a ring (079 609 46662) to set up your own ‘full features’ WordPress system training website and tutor.

Your questions answered as you think of them

How many times have you tried to learn something on a computer and had question and after question unanswer?

Avoid Murphy’s law.

Use one of our full installation, WordPress system just for training.  Why experiment on your own live system? Remember Murphy’s Laws?

Try 1-2-1 WordPress training at your premises.

You get 1-2-1 for the price some trainers charge for the pleasures of sitting in a room sharing tutor time with  16 others.

The Tutorials

If you want to be a good Web Designer it pays to be methodical. Begin here by doing the units of the tutorial correctly. You need a brand new, clean installation of WordPress. This needs to be provided by your hosting. The free wordpress.com sites are not suitable due to their limited functionality. Do not skip the order they are in as they build on each others knowledge.

01 Why use WordPress?

02 Opening Screens

03 Themes

04 Customize

05 Plugins

06 Differences between Pages and Posts

07 Adding WordPress Web pages

08 Images

09 Creating a contact page

10 Adding Posts

11 Menu management

12 Backing up your website