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So what will a one day course do for me ?

One day is great if the site is already set up and you want to add and edit it. But, and probably to our cost, we don’t do Machiavelli marketing, so whatever you might have been told, go back to how long it took for you to really get to grips with your first word processor.

Doing a website is NOT the same as some DTP for a faxed leaflet. There are large number of factors that need to be addressed when building a WordPress website that is available across the world, running on many different types of hardware and software systems that won’t feature on a piece of paper printed off on a printer in Exeter and then posted. ┬áSome are described on this site, but like every ‘trade’ there are tricks. There is also specific knowledge and techniques that are not intuitive or transferable from something else.

We aim to cover the necessary basics on our courses. Yes WordPress is easy some say, so why are they running a course? ┬áThere’s more to web success that 6 hours in a room! A one day course simply opens the door…