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Customised Template Websites

We do cost-effective Template sites.

If you want one of those templates sites that has a nice big professionally taken picture of people in suits pointing, with six little boxes of information underneath there are plenty in our shop to choose from.  We can create a site with one for you  and we won’t pretend they are our design and charge you £600-£800.

They are good just don’t pay bespoke prices

The one above is just £45 and available in the Business templates section of our template shop. If you want something totally different to anyone else and at the price others may charge you for a template site read on.
Choose from:

  • Cash and carry: simply just buy a template and take it away – from £44.
  • Cash and customise:  pick a template,  we’ll customise/SEO and then publish – from £400 (with hosting, email and CMS training if your template choice supports it).
A not untypical template, compete with images and just needs your editorial!
A not untypical template, compete with images and just needs your editorial!
Some of the 8000+ of just the Business Services, Consulting, Industrial & Law templates available to you to choose from.


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Choice of types

You choose to have a traditional HTML site, but we recommend the use of WordPress templates as they provide a good content managment system (CMS) with easy updating of your contents.

Cost effective

This a very cost effective way to quickly  put together  a great site. We use one of the market leaders to source the design, the US company, Template Monster .

Prices from £44

Simply choose the one that fits your budget. Prices start from  around £44 and include both the website template files , images and modifiable Flash movies where appropriate.

50,000+ templates available

With over 50,000 templates to choose from such as:

Art, Culture, Music, Museum, Film, Theatre (808)
Pets, Wild Life, Zoo (435)
Design, Photography, Architecture (5599)
Electronics (692)
Holidays, Gifts & Flowers (471)
Science, Education & Books (692)
Business & Services – Consulting, Industrial, Law (8432)
Cars & Motorcycles (689)
Sports, Outdoors, Travel & Hotels (2182)
Fashion, Jewelery, Beauty (3248)
Computers & Internet (1151)
Restaurant, Food & Drinks, Cafe (1433)
Society & People Personal Pages, Dating, Religion, Charity (1647)
Home & Family – Wedding, Interior & Furniture, Kids & Children (2594)
Estate Agency (331)
Medical & Healthcare – Pharmacy, Dentistry, Herbal (626)

Four page SEO website with images from just £400

A four page site, using these template, starts from £400  and include a free low end cost template (£50 or less) or credit towards a higher price one and the price includes:

Free Training

If you choose a WordPress template a 1/2 day of training, at your business premises,  will be provided Free plus a modest travel cost charge.

Hosting and email

Hosting and email accounts for your site for one year, normally £30pa.