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WordPress Website Costs

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WordPress Website costs

Useful information – if you have a tweakable site already or want a new one!

What are you going to charge?

One of the first things that springs to the mind of someone looking for a website developer.

No nasty web developer cost shocks!

Why might a low hourly rate be expensive? Cost calculations are simply how quick can it be done by the hourly rate. Developers all work at differ speeds  and charge different rates. So a slow, inexperience developer that may be  charging very little may actually cost you more than an experience developer completing it quickly . Most importantly our website maintenance costs are quoted for a ‘job’ not by the hour so no nasty surprises.

So… err?  Costs are actually?

The obvious answer is how long is a piece of string… A media rich website with animation, video creation, significant programming (for online payment , booking, price estimates)  could cost you several £1,000s However, to give you some idea from £200 to £800 for a typical start-up WordPress CMS website:

  • All are our offerings will have basic  search engine optimisation for free.
  • WordPress sites have a content management system (CMS) , so you can change the text and image content. (subject to basic training)
  • Domain Name: Prices vary depending on choice of TLD, i.e. .co.uk or .com etc and how long you lease them for. So you could be talking just £3+ to £30+ per year.  For example,  a .co.uk is about £8 for two years.
  • Email account hosting (you@yoursite.co.uk etc)  is also £33pa
  • Big discounts for registered charities
  • All bespoke sites may include up to four free Shutterstock images*.
  • Hacked? Non-dedicated IP address? Most basic hostings use a shared IP address (e.g.  with other sites on the web server service. If a site is classed as hacked or is sending our spam,  it will noted by Google, Barracuda etc as such and banned. If you are using the same IP address you will be included. Using your own unique IP address avoids this and costs only £15pa for your site and email.

Have a website already? Tweaking Costs are fixed!

If you have a website already and you want it tweaked then I don’t do an hourly rate for you to compare with others. WHY?  Some charge more/less than me. Some take longer/shorter times to do the work. Hourly rate is meaningless. Simply tell me what you want done and you’ll get a sensible fixed price and quick  completion date for the agreed work.

What are the hidden costs of your WordPress sites?

There are none. We come and discuss your requirement.   Support costs are £25-£35ph pro-rata, though we do allow quickie WordPress questions for free under a give and take policy,

*Your Shutterstock images are subject to Shutterstock  terms and conditions and can be chosen from our excellent selection.