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WordPress Opening Screen

To start this WordPress training course, sign in to WordPress using the address you have been given by us e.g. www.asite.co.uk/wp-login.php, your username and password. You should then see something like this page.

WordPress Dashboard

When you log in to the WordPress management area, you are greeted by the WordPress Dashboard, from here you can access all the options you need to make and maintain your website or blog during this WordPress training.

Note in this case, the dashboard is informing us and inviting us : “WordPress 4.2.1 is available! Please update now. ” You should perform the update as it may be an important security update removing a vulnerability in your site.  If the site is an old one, you must backup your site just in case of problems.  To update, simply click on the link.  Do it now because updates can affect a site and if you haven’t created the site yet life may be less complicated. Also notice the small red circles with a number in the left-hand menu. These indicate that certain features need to be updated. In the case of ‘Plugins,’  the number shown is one. Thi smeans one plugin requires updating.

Note the Main Menu down the side and the “Top Menu” in the top left of the screen. Menus everywhere…

Notice there is already a sample post, a page and a comment where it says “At a Glance.” It is best if you click on each of the links to enter the manager and then TRASH them. Below is the Post manager. Click on the POST menu option and load the POST Manager. These pages/posts etc can get overlooked and they are often targetted by spammers.

WordPress POST Manager

Simply click on the link trash, then click on Dashboard Menu Option to delete the remaining items which you will see in the ‘at a glance section’, for example here will be found the sample page.

 WordPress Dashboard menu

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WordPress training course can be supplied nationwide individually or as a bespoke course for a group.

South West Midlands: Worcester, Hereford, Tewksbury, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Lydney, Coleford, Newent, Ross-on-wye, Ledbury, Malvern, Evesham

South Wales: Abergavenny, Cwmbran, Pontypool, Caldicot, Penarth, Barry, Llantrisant, Caerphilly, Monmouth, Cardiff, Newport, Chepstow

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