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Why use WordPress for web site development?

Over the years, I have seen WordPress evolve from a simple blogging systems to a very good website development system with content management built in. A vast range of free and ‘for purchase’ templates with stock images are available. A professional WordPress developer if supplied with a four page website (text and images) in MS Word form can converted it to WordPress in a morning complete with basic search engine optimisation implemented. So you are talking in our case of around £100 for an up and running site. That’s the power of WordPress for website development. If you are thinking of doing it yourself why not enrol on one of our WordPress training courses? Many businesses like the idea of doing their own site, often to ‘save’ money. However, how many would service their company cars to ‘save money’ considering they probably know more about cars than website technology and techniques?

“If someone has a website and says it doesn’t bring in any business ask them if they used a ‘trained professional’ to set it up or a “mate’s lad who does it at college”

A good compromise is have the site built by a a professional and then get professionally trained to modify your site properly.

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