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What to look for in a good Freelance PHP developer and things to avoid

Some LAMP/PHP developers use short tags, a sort of short hand. However, you may find that the PHP code works on your current web server, but problems arise when you migrate to a new one. This feature is best avoided.

mySQL has already been mentioned, ensure your developer uses MySQLi or PDO when developing any database applications otherwise you may find you have a headache in the future. MySQLi Extension, which stands for MySQL Improved, is preferred database driver for PHP developers to use in the when providing interactions with a MySQL database.

A good Freelance LAMP/PHP developer will have a good knowledge of the PHP Core Functions and Classes. Some data processing tasks are common and therefore there is a good probability there is a PHP function or class that can accomplish the task, saving development time.

Defensive programming – data enter by people on web forms can be poisoned with SQL injection. This allows a hacker to access your database in not very friendly ways. A good Freelance, PHP developer will vet data that has been entered on a from against this. PHP has built in functions that can help.

Self-documentation code is an easily spotted the mark of a good PHP developer. By using meaningful variable names and comment, the PHP code becomes easily understood by any future PHP developers/programmers that may be employed to update the code.

The Freelance PHP developer uses a PHP application frame work. This again helps in the future maintenance of the code,