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What SEO should I avoid?

  • Blog and forum posting tools that automatically produce large number of fuzzy quality links.
  • Bad grammar – Search engines check your grammar to infer whether or not your content is simply a ‘paste and change.’ In the past some sites would harvest relevant copy and then use a software algorithm and synonyms to substitute verbs and nouns (Plagerismware). The net effect would new relevant, unique SEO copy albeit gibberish in places. Start doing this and you’ll be found out and blocked.
  • Another example are the blogging networks, where you canĀ  employ a company who have imaginatively create a Search Engine Optimisation to your keyword ‘flavour’ site They link back to your website, enhancing your ranking.
  • Duplicating your site’s copy or “keyword stuffing” over using of your SEO Keywords. You may have noticed that I have use Search Engine Optimisation and SEO a great deal. However, it has been in context and legitimate so therefore I haven’t been banned . But put these keyword terms in the same quantity in just half the amount of text and you might see the page disappear from the rankings. The warning for you should be – it’s starting to ‘sound” silly.
  • Cloaking your site. It is possible to detect the visit of Google and thus be able to present a different page to the one you would normally give a visitor.
  • Waffle
  • Hiding SEO content from visitors. Example, white text on a white background. The search engines heuristics are simply going to say if human’s can’t see it then something is fishy.