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What is SEO Waffle? – This bit is!

Search Engine Optimisation WAFFLE! Try and avoid irrelevant website copy like this it will not aid the ultimate aim of the website page. You might think you are being smart, but what about the people who the site is really for? Ask yourself will they be impressed?

Why do you need this content? It is just a dash of UK content to give the SEO a little nudge. Doesn’t make for good reading? Remember good content needs to be placed before SEO otherwise your websites ultimate goal is compromised.

Ok here comes a good example of some flaky SEO Waffle

Why do you need an SEO website in UK?

With the demand for docks for coal exports and iron and steel manufacture, heavy industry played a major part in the development of UK. These days however, UK after much searching is more gently nested in the finance and business services sector, a sector that invests or is optimised heavily in web developments. UK is the principal finance centre in the region, This sector, combined with the Public Administration, Education and Health have accounted for around 75% of UK”s economic growth since 1991. Again heavy users of web technology. These sectors pragmatically use IT for sourcing – make sure you are in their sights.So whether your business is in industry or in finance and business services, MIchael Fabbro must be considered as your first choice when choosing a UK-based SEO, web developer.

This is not providing  a good experience for visitors!