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Transferring files from your PC to the website server

Example features Windows 10

First load Windows file explorer (not Internex Explorer or any other browser). You can find File Explorer in the Start menu. Click in the large box just to the right of the name of the folder displayed, in the  case below “This PC.” It will then highlight blue as below:


Now simply type “ftp://” and the ftp address of your website. In this example ftp://www.yourdomain.co.uk. You may find it will be something like ftp://ftp.youdomain.co.uk. Finally, press enter:


You should see a pop up window. Enter the username  you were given and the password. You may save the password to be remember next time.  Finally, click “Log on”
In this example, having logged on the websver, folder mik can be seen on the  webserver. You may find many more folders.

To transfer a folder of files from your PC to the remote server you must find the folder with your files in the left hand panel.

To open up folders to view the sub-folders DO NOT click on the folder names, but use only the ‘>’ symbol (see above image) to the left of the folder’s name. We’ve made it red to standout.

The folder should then open displaying any sub-folders:
websiteserver5Then simply drag and drop the folder you want from the left panel (PC) to the right hand one (Server) in the normal Windows’s way:

websiteserver6Single file transfer

To transfer a single or multiple files simply resize the current window (with the server logged in) and open a new file explorer window of the same size and move along side the current window (server). Rearrange them side by side.

  • Find the files you want in the new window and drag and drop them between the windows.
  • You may also use the ctrl-C (Copy) and ctrl-V (paste) keys to make the copy as you might paste text etc between two open documents or spreadsheets.
  • The Windows keys for multiple select  (ctrl/alt and mouse click) also work here as usual.

Below you can see two file explorer windows open. The left is the PC and the right setup as the website server. The file icon or name (named ‘file to be transferred’) is simply dragged from the right panel of the left window and dropped from on right window’s right panel.  The view is set as icons below, but ‘details view will also work.


Moving and copying files using drag-and-drop.