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The “Perils of Plugin” – or how I learned to live dangerously

Why might I want a plugin?

It does something that is useful that I don’t know how to do and I’m not going to pay a WordPress developer to do it Ta very much. “The site really looks good now I have a load of butterflys making love to the world in the corner.”  If that is you, you really need to read on.

What should I check for?
  • Has the WordPress plugin been verified as compatible with your current version of WordPress? If not – leave it!
  • Check the star rating is high and there are many users.
How old is it?

Does the WordPress plugin developer or publisher support the site or is there simply a pay wall you have to get through.

Why should I worry it’s Free and Free is good!

Yup but so is the flu free, care for some? You are over the flu in days, some hacked sites may take weeks to get back to normal.

Hacked? What you mean.

Look at WordPress there are always security updates from a big development team. How good is the PHP/WordPress that produce this plugin? Are there backdoors in it that will pass your site’s security?

Plugins can slow your site down. Many times people have contacted me and said their site renders pages really slowly. Perhaps it might be the 30 plugins you have – most of which are active but you don’t use and what’s more you have not got round to doing all those security update they say they have. Keep your site lean, for Google like speedy sites as enhancing viewers’ experience. That means a higher ranking…. Mobile can also be slow at rendering

If you are going to use plugins read this…