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Removing “Proudly powered by WordPress”

You should always create a child theme for the theme you are using and modify those templates. If your web developer has not removed or modified the message “Proudly powered by WordPress,” then the chances are they don’t know how to! The are two majour types of website designer using WordPress. Those with no real IT background and have picked up WordPress and the ones that can hack the underlying PHP code. You need to do this to really customise a website design.

The PHP file that contains “Proudly powered by WordPress” is a file called footer.php. It will be in your theme’s wp-content folder. We are going to concentrate on the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme. In a typical example installation the folder might be:


However you should make a child theme and put a copy into into:


In the dashboard select the “Appearance” , “Editor” option

Find the Select theme to edit drop down box (Top right)

And choose “twentyfourteen-child”

Below will be listed your templates in a browse panel.  Click on footer.php

The code for footer.php will appear in the “Edit Themed” main Panel.  Simple search for “Proudly powered by WordPress” and delete it or replace the text with other text like your name or maybe the html for logo image, e.g. <img src=”/img/mylogo.jpg”>