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Migrating your WordPress website to a new hosting

The best way to do this is to use a good Export Ppuging to back up your WordPress website’s content onto a PC and then to FTP the Whole site onto your PC.

By this combination you will make sure the two things that make up your WordPres website is safe -the content and design.  Often users do not realise that the website developer they used created a customised theme and these modification may be in a child theme.  They may be anywhere really so safe is FTP the whole site.DNS

DNS and Name servers

You will need to make sure that DNS entry for your website is changed so that it points to the new hosting. Your new hosting will be able to help you there. We do all that for you if you migrate.  The name server may need changing when you leave the hosting. This Name server is  with the people (or registrar) you registered the domain with e.g. 123-reg.  You may find they will charge you for this. If they charge you silly money leave it there and change the DNS on that system if free .

Setting up

Install WordPress if needed and your theme on your new server

FTP across your wp-content and wp-include folders along with any other folders for example images/img, flash. The naming will vary according to the developer.

Log into WordPress and run the Import plugin you chose, following their instructions.

Now test all the pages on your site for funnies