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Gasp… Chinese characters on my WordPress Website!

You’ve been hacked my friend…


Example of a hacked WordPres site
This page was the home page of an actual “professional”  WordPress developer.

The above, Gwent-based,  WordPress site was probably Chinese hacked because the developer did not have the latest version of WordPress. The html code on this site reported Version 4.2.6, when the latest copy of WordPress was 4.4.1.

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 4.2.6"

How you can check if your WordPress is up to date click here.

If your site has been compromised by the Chinese hack then expect your site to be tagged with safety content warnings  from sites like  www.siteadvisor.com, www.mywot.com, /www.domainname.com. The hacker’s payload can include porn, gambling and violent content.

How do I reduce the chances of being hacked like this?

How do I get out of this mess?

Give me a ring or email me  and we can take it from there.   Your site can often be repaired remotely.

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