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Adding SEO to WordPress

Technical SEO’s meta tag components can be added to a WordPress website by installing a plug in like “Add Meta Tags” by George Notaras.  A short tutorial on adding WordPress plugins can be found here


The three technical component that matter most are

  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Keyword Tag

Page Title Tag : The <title></title> tags must describe the page accurately. Many engines use it to compose the site’s heading in their listing so include your primary keywords. It is the description used at the top of your browser window. It may also be used as the text label describing your page in a bookmark/favourite list. Use 6 to 12 words and keep it less than 64 characters in length. Try and repeat sensibly important keywords – “Cakes from the Cake Company.” “Cakes Cakes Cakes Cakes Cakes” will be treated as spam and ignored. Avoid ego titles – your or the company name for example. New customers are more likely to search for “car repair UK” than “Bloggs motors” The page title is
the most important SEO tool available.

The title for this page is “WordPress Training: Adding WordPress Plugins”

Description meta tag: use by some search engine listings to describe your website’s page. This may be what people read in the engines’  listings and thus can be used to tempt them to look and visit your site. Write one for each page – use at least one keywords near the beginning and up to 11 to 20ish words in total or 200 to 250 characters.

The Description for this page is “Basic WordPress Training Part 4 – adding useful WordPress Plugins.”

Keyword meta tag:  though not so important these days, but list your most important keywords or key word phrases for insertion into each of the pages. Important words first. Just repeating keywords or adding irrelevant words is not going to work. Use between 7 and 48 words.

e.g.:“performance car exhausts, car exhausts, performance exhausts, exhausts”

covers both keywords and keyword phrases.

The keywords for this page are “basic wordpress training”  and ” adding wordpress plugins”

Note that the keyword emphasied in this page’s tags  is “WordPress”

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