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PHP Booking System demonstration page

Features of the “Availability Page”


Latest News/Special Offers section that you can change easily
Special Offer and late availability weeks can be highlighted on the calendar
You can add further details and comments for each bookable week

Different rental cost displayed for each week

Display full or partial availabilty (where you may have a weekend booked out of a particular week already for example)

Booking and enquiry form that emails you their details (avoiding spam emails)
You can set up for each property in your portfolio an automatic sending to a third party, perhaps the reception personnel or cleaner, informing them of the booking.
Optional conversion into full booking automatically when electronically informed of Credit Card/PayPal payment. There is a small bespoke development charge to incorporate this for you.

Hosted on our database server, but can be  dove-tail into your site.  All that is required to display your property booking is the insertion of this single line of HTML that you will be issued with.

<iframe id="I1" src="https://www.holidayrentalbooking.co.uk/availabilitymulti.php?
startrec=initialise&amp;propertynumber=3" name="I1" width="800" height="800" 
marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" style="max-height=" 800px;padding-left:5px;"="">

This will then display the booking form for your client. Try making a booking below to see how it works.