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Website Hosting


Our website hosting server  are based onpowerful Dell server hardware giving optimum performance and  the ‘grunt’ to deliver your web pages to your audience without delay.

Hosting Capacity

Our website hosting client window is aimed at  SME, small to medium size businesses marketing to their customer base,  as such we offer as much bandwidth and storage space as you need for this purpose.

Bespoke email addresses and accounts

Still using gmail or Aol for your email? You could be jsmith@mysite.co.uk! We don’t set a limit to the number of email accounts you can have for your website, nor bandwidth usage, but we do not cater for dedicated online marketeers. What’s email accounts are free on our hosting plan.


Operating System

We use Windows operating system on our website hosting platform



Just £30 pa for a single domain website hosting/email. Included are a number of valuable packages like Magenta e-commerce and WordPress.