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Mulling Time

Previously the purpose of WordPress posts was explained. Before adding a post it is probably best if you mulled over what categories you could classify your blog posts with. Once you’ve thought them up it’s time to set them up.

Setting up the POST Categories

In the POST menu option there is an option called Categories. You simply type them into the name box below and press enter. They will appear to the right as can be seen below. In this case you can see three categories set up for Posts: Boats,  Airplanes and Cars.


 Adding a post

This is the same technique as adding a page. However, if you have set up some categories for your posts such as above, then the edit page for your post will have a Category selection box like the one you can see to the below. Simply tick which category(ies) apply to the post you are currently entering.



As well as the thought-out, structured approach that Categories gives, you can also associate ad hoc or on the fly key words to the post using the tag box. These tags can be searched and this help to classify the posts better. For example a car category post could have the tags, “speed”, “fuel efficient”, “off-road”, “MPV” etc. associated with it. You might not want these words as categories in their own right.  One of the widgets available is a “Tag Cloud” basically a list of  your most used tags. This widget can be displayed by being dragged on to any widget area of your website theme.   See Widgets on day two of the course.

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