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Freelance PHP Developer/programmer Cardiff

So who are you?

Born and educated in Cardiff with over thirty years Between  programming  professionally and teaching  up to University level I have had exposure to some 14 different computer programming languages. Examples are: Assembly/machine code, Cobol, Fortran, Basic, VB, Pascal, Javascript, Java, Prolog, dBase and Clipper, PHP, Perl, Visual Basic and MS Basic. An example of one of my php/LAMP solutions can be found at www.holidayrentalbooking.co.uk/ Written in PHP and uses a mySQLi database.  With a MSc in Computing and professional membership  of the British Computer Society you can expect a professonal attitude, a professional code of conduct and professional skills.

What does a Freelance LAMP/PHP Developer need to know from you?

To develop a PHP system it’s simply a matter of you explaining your business problem and then we come back the solution(s), completion date and costs. A very simple, time saving, bespoke application can start from as little as £200 when you simply email us the problem and we can be set up remotely. Typically you might expect prices to start from £500

How can a LAMP/PHP developer help improve my Cardiff-based business?

PHP allows you to program how content on your website appears. A simple example would be to display different pages on a website at different times of the day or suggest pages of different content depending on the location of the visitor or the preferences they make during their visit. PHP in conjunction with my SQL allows you to store and process information a visitor might give you, or retrieve information for the visitor.

What sort of business applications can be developed with PHP?

PHP has a strong arsenal of functions and operators that allow you to manipulate numeric data and process it to useful information. For example you could input all the specification of a bespoke design and let PHP calculate the cost to the customer in real time. Not only that, but all the information could be viewed or emailed to a sales team or manufacturing department for immediate processing. There are plenty of useful business add-ons that mean you don’t have to write in house items like charts avoiding cost.

What is PHP?

Happily, PHP is a computer language designed for use on web servers and for other more general bespoke software. This means that a good php developer/programmer can use it efficiently for most business applications, especially when combined with mySQLi for database support. The PHP language can be found on nearly 40% of websites which testifies not only to its popularity, but the the trust in the reliability and robustness of this bespoke software development language. We develop bespoke solutions using the stable, object model enhanced, PHP 5.0+ flavours. Developing website-based software. with all the support and third-party add ons is a no brainer. It is the best web development platform to use. The PHP development environment is usually associated as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). This package of software technologies is very reliable and efficient and universally available.

Is the shared spreadsheet solution dead?

No, but what could have been a “knocked up ” spreadsheet solution  can now be cost-effectively written by a PHP developer. What’s more it would be a far more robust and bomb proof. It can also be  easily shared from your website