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Some ideas that will help you promote your own website.

Direct Ways

  • Listed in search engines
  • Listed in directories, including local UK-based ones
  • Exchange Banners or links with other websites. A banner is a graphic that acts as a hyperlink. Usually the banner is a small advert.
  • Press releases to magazines and newspapers with the website address/URL included.
  • Pay for engine ranking.
  • Pay for adverts on search engines or other popular websites.
  • Facebook pages and adverts

Indirect ways.

  • Joining the relevant news groups and leave your address/URL in the message area
  • Mention your website in blogs
  • Viral Marketing.
  • ¬†Direct mailing. Mail shot a letter or small card with your URL on.

Other ways of getting extra hits

  • Make sure the URL in on all company documents
  • Get them to book mark the website so they will repeat visits
  • Attract viewers¬†with free software downloads, pictures, music or discount offers.
  • Twitter announcements
  • Facebook announcements