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Does BigCommerce provide a way to forward to external email accounts?

As a BigCommerce consultant, I am often asked if BigCommerce  provide you with forwarding to email accounts. BigCommerce does provide you with email fowarding. This is similar to the postbox system that some manage offices provide for you. You use their business address and they forwarding letters to you, perhaps to your home.

You can have five BigCommerce email forwarding  addresses like accounts@yourdomain.co.uk. Each of these can be forwarded to an external  email address service, such as yahoo, AOL, hotmail etc. You then reply to received email from these services and not using BigCommerce. Some of these email providers allow you to set the “reply-to” an email address to one on your BigCommerce domain, such as accounts@yourdomain.co.uk .  The down side to this is although customers will reply to your BigCommerce address, the email may contain text inserted by the service e.g. hotmail, AOL etc. Having your own email server is a much cleaner approach.We can provide you with your own email accounts service if you need them for just £33 pa.   If you have bought your own email service  you will need to set up the DNS to point to your shop for web pages and your  email server. This is something we can do for you for a small charge or see here for an example of seting up when using 123-reg as your DNS server for your BigCommerce email.

To set up your BigCommerce email forwarding

1. In the BigCommerce control panel, find the  Settings COG  and select DNS Records in Server Settings. In some versions it may be located under Setup & ToolsDNS Records.

2. Select the Mail Servers tab, you will see five forwarding email addresses entries.  Change these to your preferred “display” address  e.g. fredbloggs@your domain.co.uk

3. The change the forward email address to your hotmail, yahoo etc.

4. Either change or add more address or Save your changes. Emails sent to the left hand email addresses will be forwarded to the right hand account. Note: You can forward more than one email addresses to the same email.

DNS entry: Using 123-reg hosting as your BigCommerce email server

Click on the image to see the full size images.

Registering  your 123-reg domain in BigCommerce


First login into your Bigcommerce account click on the settings button at the bottom left of the screen (1) and then choose from the Server settings ‘Domain Name’ (2). The other options are not shown below for clarity.

BigCommerce Server Settings

Now choose “Use an existing domain name” (3). This allows you to add your 123-reg registered domain name in the box labelled (4). Click on “Use Domain,”  this will seed your BigCommerce DNS with the required values.


Save and return to the settings menu.

Pointing the Mail Server settings to your 123-reg mail server

If not there click on settings again (1) and  choose DNS records (2)

Selecting DNS menu option

Click on the Mail Servers tab to  change your MX record to the ones provided by 123-reg.

Adding the 123-reg MX record to BigCommerce's DNS

Now add your MX record to the new screen.  If the store was using my domain www.fabbro.uk I would put in fabbro.uk as the Fully qualified host. The “mail handled by” value is supplied by 123-reg, in the case of www.fabbro.uk it is webmail.fabbro.uk.

Check your current DNS entry’s MX either by signing in to your 123-reg control panel DNS manager or try the website “https://who.is” and look it up up.  Use the priority you have found  otherwise start at 10 as above.

You may find you have more than one MX record, so simply click on “Add another.”  Usually the second one  is Priority 20.

Click on save when you have finished

Now,  click on the Web Hosts tab and the following will display


The line above links webmail.yourdomain.co.uk to the ip address,

Click on “Add another”. (1)

Choose “A” from the drop down selection (2)

Again using  the information from 123-reg, your 123-reg control panel or “who.is,”  add the IP address (4). It will be four groups of digits.  When you have finished click save (5).

You are done.

Final step

Login into your 123-reg conrol screen, choose your domain and change the Nameserver setings to point to the ones given to you by BigCommerce. (See 123-reg documentation for Name server changes)