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Buying HolBos

Check out the features below and then subscribe to HolBos from just £25 a year

Features of the “Availability Page”

  • Latest News/Special Offers section that you can change easily
  • Special Offer and late availability weeks can be highlighted on the calendar
  • Different rental cost displayed for each week
  • You can add further details and comments for each bookable week
  • Display full or partial availabilty (where you may have a weekend booked out of a particular week already for example)
  • Booking and enquiry form that emails you their details (avoiding spam emails)
  • Hosted on our database server, but looking like your own site
  • Coming soon: optional Integration with Pay Pal for taking the initial deposit by card
  • Dove-tail it into your site with just an “IFRAME”

Features of your  “Admin Page”

  • Simply click on the calendar date then click on book. The “availability page” is updated immediately
  • Simple to understand seven day booking, you just choose the change over day rental starts – the demo is set to Saturdays
  • Easy to update ‘news’ section
  • Change the price and booking notes for each indivdual week
  • Convert a full week into a partial booking with just a few clicks
  • New weeks created with your default price for the bulk of dates leaving you to set any mid or high date prices

Like it? This is what you do…

You can pay for one or two years subscription to our service. Up to ten properties can be included at this fee level. Please email for a quotation for larger numbers.

If you set up your systems yourself there are no additional fees. This will require either a page on your website ameniable to the systems and a simple paste of HTML which we provide or you could of course use our own hosting for the availability page using your Header image as can be seen in the ‘Availability Demo’

We can also design you a page which can inserted into your website or modify a current page for a setup fee of £35. This probably much less than your developer you might charge.

After paying with your credit/debit card or PayPal account you will receive an email, within 24 hours, with login information and the small snippet ofHTML code you insert into one of your webpages. You may also configure an ‘availability page’ on our hosting that you can link to.

Summer Offer – No set up charge until December

Simply select and pay for a “no setup” subscription. We’ll contact you and do the rest. If you wish, we can email you an invoice for payment instead, simply click here

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