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Blender 3D animations and modelling Developer

Although commissions can be developed using Adobe Flash and normally using Flash to display, they can be done in various output formats like HTM5 Canvas. You need Flash installed to see some of the demonstrations below. 

With the above example realisation, storyline and animation was done at www.fabbro.uk. Although done in flash it was transferred to mp4 video for streaming on YouTube.



We are pleased to offer a new service producing 3D animations using the software package Blender. What better way to sell your product than a zoom round simulation of it working?  Phone Michael Fabbro to connect to a developer.  South Wales , South West Midlands and the South West.

Blender 3d openeing screen
Example 3D Animation using Blender for graphics and Sonar X2 for sound track

This is a Flash animation converted to an mpeg and then streamed from Youtube. This has two advantages, streaming bandwidth is borne by Youtube and with careful SEO, the video can be found by a Youtube or Google search. The video was created under our FairProphet branding.